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Middle Frequency Power Control Cabinet - Save Energy And Increase Yield

Pumping unit is a potential energy load with great changes and low power factor and high waster of energy. These problems are troubles people for several years. After several years researching, we develop and produce a specialized power control cabinet - middle frequency power control cabinet.

Middle frequency power control cabinet is a type of frequency conversion cabinet , which is energy-feedback and energy-utilization. Middle frequency power control cabinet is a specialized device to suit for pumping unit working character. It is the combination of modern frequency conversion and advanced microcomputer control system.

Character: recognize the up & down route speed automatically.

Operating principle:

  • Separately adjusting the speed of up & down route by microcomputer.
  • Increase and decrease the pump efficiency by steplessly adjust the frequency of motor.


  • Remain swabbing balance.
  • Increase pump efficiency.
  • Maintain the best working condition.
  • Save energy and increase oil production.

Basic property and principle:

  • Dynamic adjustment speed.
  • Steplessly adjust speed.
  • Sectionally adjust speed.
  • Frequency conversion adjust speed.
  • Fault handling.
  • Full-equipped protection device.
  • Power factors compensation.
  • Soft start and stop function.
  • Energy feedback and utilization.
  • Microcomputer control system.
Technical Parameters of Middle Frequency Power Control Cabinet
Rated Power (KVA) 35 50 75 100 135
Input Voltage (V) Three-phase 380V±5%, 50HZ (Three-phase, 440V±5%, 60 HZ)
Output Voltage (V) Single-phase 160-900 (adjustment available)
Feeding Power Factor COS Φ≥0.95
Three-phase Current Imbalance ≤10%
A opened and a closed middle frequency power control cabinet in the warehouse.

Surface and internal structure of middle frequency power control cabinet.

Three middle frequency power control cabinets on the ground.

Middle frequency power control cabinet is widely used for oil well heating.

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