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Various Types of Sucker Rod and Related Products

  • Sucker rod with high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, various grade and spec is widely used in the oil exploitation to deliver power.

  • Hollow sucker rod with specially designed hollow structure is widely used in the petroleum industries for oil extraction.

  • Double hollow sucker rod with a special independent hollow channel in hollow sucker rod is widely used in oil exploitation for heat carrier conduction.

  • Polished rod with regular, end upsetting and anti-corrosion types are widely used in the oil well for oil exploitation.

  • The sucker rod couplings with high quality carbon steel materials is widely used in the oil industries as the connector of sucker rod and polished rod.

  • Drive rod with higher tensile strength and more stable connection is specially designed for screw pump to explore high viscosity and pour point crude oil.

  • Heating cable can supply electric energy for the hollow sucker rod electric heating device, which transforms electric energy to thermal energy.

  • Hot carrier heating device can heat the crude oil through hot carriers to explore high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content crude oil.

  • Circular heating device with the special structure of the double hollow sucker rod is a high efficiency, clean and green way to exploit oil.

  • Hollow sucker rod electric heating device with three main types is widely used in the high pour point, viscosity and wax content oil exploitation.

  • Middle frequency power control cabinet is widely used with sucker rod devices in the oil well to save energy and increase yield.