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Hot Carrier Heating Device for High Efficiency Oil Exploitation


The hot carrier heating device is designed to heat the crude oil through injecting the hot carrier into hollow sucker rod. This device is mainly used to explore the high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content crude oil. The hot carrier can be hot water, hot oil and steam. Except the hot carrier, this device can also be injected into the chemicals.

Operating principle

The production of hollow sucker rod hot carrier heating device on the white background.

Hollow sucker rod hot carrier heating device production map.

The hollow sucker rod hot carrier heating device is mainly using the cycling system in the wellhole oil pipe. Inject hot carrier or chemicals into hollow sucker rod continuously or intermittently. The hot carrier or chemicals can raise the temperature of wellhole, reduce the viscosity and remove wax to ensure the normal production of oil well.

The hot carrier in the hollow sucker rod enter the annulus in the oil tube and hollow sucker rod. And then mix with the crude oil in the oil tube to return ground explore system through the water blending progress.

The water blending system including the water blending vertical post, water blending hose, hanging connector, hollow polished rod, hollow sucker rod, single-way water blending valve.


  • Will not pollute the oil layer.
  • Convenient to operate and control.
  • Increase effective travel of the plunger, improve the efficiency of pump and extend pump inspection cycle.
  • Reduce the viscosity and pour point, improve exploitation efficiency and increase the oil production.
  • This device can be injected hot carrier, it can also be injected chemical viscosity reducer.


The hollow sucker rod hot carrier heating device is mainly used in the mid or late period of oil exploitation. It can help to exploit the crude oil with high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content.

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