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Heating Cable for Crude Oil Electric Heating

Introduction of the heating cable

Heating cable is mainly made of conducting wire core, insulating layer, inner jacket and stainless steel wire armored outer sheath.

The heating cable is mainly used in the electric heating devices, it can be used with the hollow sucker rod for oil electric heating.

A blue roller of heating cable on the truck.

Heating cable.

A roller of heating cable is installed on the cable winch.

Heating cable and cable winch.

Specifications of the heating cable

Heating core sectional area 3 × 8.4mm2
Outer diameter of cable 18 - 20mm
Outer protect layer Stainless steel wire armor weave
Withstand voltage ≥ 2500V
Length Underground length + ground length
Temperature-resist grade Long time working temperature: 200°C (C Grade)
Electrical performance Insulation resistance > 50MΩ, AC withstand voltage test 2500V
Tensile strength ≥ 50Mpa



The heating cable can be used with the hollow sucker rod to form the hollow sucker rod electric heating device for oil exploitation of high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content.

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