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Drive Rod for Screw Pump Used in Electric Heating Device


Drive rod for screw pump is a special sucker rod, which has higher tensile strength of the sucker rod body and more stable connection. The drive rod for screw pump can prevent the fracture of sucker rod. It is more safe and stable than the common sucker rod.

The drive rod for screw pump can be divided into solid drive rod and hollow drive rod. According to the connection type, it can be divided into straight thread drive rod and wedge left-hand thread drive rod.

Four solid drive rod on the ground.

Drive rod has solid drive rod and hollow drive rod.

Three parts of wedge left-hand thread drive rod on the table.

Drive rod has straight thread and wedge left-hand thread connection type.


  • Material: 35CrMo.
  • Type: solid drive rod and hollow drive rod.
  • Connection type: straight thread connection and wedge left-hand thread.
  • Length:
    • 0.75m - 3m for drive pony rod.
    • 8m - 11m for drive rod and drive polished rod.

Specifications of Drive Rod

Item Type Diameter Thread diameter length
EDR-01 Solid drive rod 22mm 1-3/8" 750mm 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 3000mm 8000mm
EDR-02 1-9/16" left-hand thread
EDR-03 Solid drive rod 25mm 1-3/8"
EDR-04 1-9/16" left-hand thread
EDR-05 Solid drive rod 29mm 1-9/16"
EDR-06 1-9/16" left-hand thread
EDR-07 Hollow drive rod 36mm × 6.0mm 1-9/16"
EDR-08 1-3/4"
EDR-09 1-7/8" left-hand thread
EDR-10 Hollow drive rod 38mm × 6.0mm 1-3/4"
EDR-11 1-7/8" left-hand thread
EDR-12 Hollow drive rod 42mm × 6.0mm 2"
EDR-13 Hollow drive rod 45mm × 6.0mm 2"

Specification of Drive Polished Rod

Item Type Diameter Thread diameter length
EDPR-01 Solid drive rod 25mm 15/16" outer 8m - 11m
EDPR-02 Solid drive rod 28mm 1-1/16" outer
EDPR-03 Hollow drive rod 36mm × 6.5mm 1-1/16" outer
EDPR-04 Hollow drive rod 38mm × 6.5mm 1-3/16" outer
EDPR-05 Hollow drive rod 1-3/16" left inner
EDPR-06 Hollow drive rod 42mm × 6.5mm 1-3/8" inner
EDPR-07 Hollow drive rod 45mm × 6.5mm 1-3/8" inner
A profile map of straight thread connection on the white background.

Straight thread drive rod connection.

A profile map of wedge left-hand thread connection on the white background.

Wedge left-hand thread drive rod connection.


  • Higher tensile strength of the whole rod. All parts of drive rod for screw pump is manufactured from 35CrMo and through the production of hardening and tempering, which ensure the good mechanical property.
  • Higher yield strength. Heat treatment technology can improve the yield strength and twist resistance of the drive rod.
  • Wedge left-hand thread structure has better torque resistance which transmit the torque through wedge structure which can prevent the fracture and breaking.
  • The straight thread structure has large thread diameter than the common sucker rod which can broaden the bearing torque surface, which can prevent breaking of the drive rod and improve the service life of the drive rod.


  • The drive rod for screw pump is specially designed for screw pump.
  • The drive rod can be used in the hollow sucker rod electric heating device to explore high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content crude oil.

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