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Double Hollow Sucker Rod for Heat Conduction in Oil Exploitation

Introduction of double hollow sucker rod

Double hollow sucker rod is a special structure which add an independent hollow channel in the inner of common hollow sucker rod. The inner pipe of the double hollow sucker rod is made of stainless steel pipe which can ensure the long service life.

Double hollow sucker rod is mainly used in the circular heating device for high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content oil exploitation. In the device, the double hollow sucker rod can be used combined with four-way hanging connector, circulating pump and other equipment.

A piece of profile map of double hollow sucker rod on the white background.

Profile map of double hollow sucker rod.

A profile map of wellhole heating on the white background.

Double hollow sucker rod application in the wellhole heating.

Brief introduction of circular heating device

The double hollow sucker rod make use of the specially-made terminator to form two channel: outer channel and inner channel. Used combined with the four-way hanging connector, high-pressure rubber hose, circulating pump, and heat exchanger, the double hollow sucker rod can heating the crude oil circularly in a closed channel. Benefit from the structure of double hollow sucker rod, the heating carrier will not enter the wellhole, so it can reduce the pollution and improve the production efficiency.


Item Diameter of Outer Pipe Diameter of Inner Pipe
DHSR-01 36mm 16mm
DHSR-02 42mm 22mm
DHSR-03 42mm 19mm



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