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Circular Heating Device - Application of Double Hollow Sucker Rod


Circular heating device is a closed-circuit circulation system which can transmit thermal energy for crude oil through circularly heating medium. This device is designed for viscosity reduction. There are various kinds of heat source can be used, such as associated gas, solar energy, bio oil, biofuel, coal, electricity, industrial waste heat and so on. In the device, the associated gas biofuels and solar energy are the two major heat sources for using.

Structural composition

A plan of double hollow sucker rod circular heating device.

Double hollow sucker rod circular heating device.

Circular heating device is mainly consist of solar thermal collector, automatic heating furnace, automatic temperature controller, electromagnetic auxiliary heating coil, circulating pump, ground input tube, double hollow sucker rod, hollow sucker rod below pump, annulus oil well pump, hollow sucker rod above pump, four way hanging connector and ground return line.

Operating principle

Circular media is heated by the automatic heating device and then pressurized by the circulating pump and then pass through the buffer tank, four-way hanging connector to enter the inner channel of the double hollow sucker rod. Driven by the high pressure of circulating pump, the media will flow into the bottom, of the inner channel and then pass through the annulus of inner channel and outer channel to return the heating furnace on the ground for circular heating.


Specifications of double hollow sucker rod
Item Diameter of Outer Pipe Diameter of Inner Pipe
DHSR-01 36mm 16mm
DHSR-02 42mm 22mm
DHSR-03 42mm 19mm



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