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Professional Manufacturer of Sucker Rod

Hengshui Haiwang Oil Thermal Recovery Equipment Company is a professional company engaged in producing and exporting sucker rod and related products. We insist on the high quality products, excellent sales service and first-class after-sale service. You can know more about our company through following aspects.

Our Products

The sucker rods and related oil exploitation devices have been widely applied in the famous oil field, such as the Karamay Oil Field, Daqing Oil Field, Liaohe Oil Field, and Huabei Oil Field.

Over time, the sucker rods of us are accepted by the international markets. Especially the hollow sucker rod electric heating device. Just put a heating cable in the hollow sucker rod to transform the electric energy to thermal energy. The device is mainly used for heating the crude oil and reduce the viscosity, wax content of the crude oil.

Except for the hollow sucker rod electric heating device, the hot carrier and chemicals can be injected into the hollow sucker rod to achieve the same effect. However, it's worth mentioning the circular heating device, which is the patented product of us. It has an independent channel in the hollow sucker rod. It is a closed circular heating device, which adopts the associated biofuels and solar energy to heat the circular media and generate the thermal energy. The circular media will not contact with the crude oil, so it can reduce the pollution. Additional, the associated biofuels and solar energy are all clean energy, so the circular heating device is a clean and green device for oil exploitation.

our sales team

Our sales team

We have professional sales team. All of the sales representatives receive professional training first before working. They are qualified for their position. They can introduce our popular products, recommend the most appropriate specs and products for the customers. They have excellent marketing insights, they know the requirements of international markets. So, they can ensure the products we produced are fit for the international market.

Our service team

We have an enthusiastic service team. They are waiting online for 24 hours to solve your problems during use. The service team will pay customers a return visit regularly. They can know the problems of the customers and find the shortage of our products and feedback to the sales department or the manager department. In this way, we can find and solve the shortage of the products and produce more products suitable for the market.

All of the links production is tightly connected. They have a common goal: make our company be better. We believe tomorrow is another day. Hope we can cooperate with you and produce win-win situations.

If you are interested in our products and want to know more about our products, just email us via, we will reply you as soon as possible.