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Sucker Rod - Specifications and Applications

Hengshui Haiwang Oil Thermal Recovery Equipment Company is engaged in producing and exporting sucker rod and related products. With advanced equipment, skilled workers, enthusiasm sales representatives and rigorous quality control personnel, the Effective is stepping on the rod of high-speed development.

Main Products of Haiwang

Sucker rod is the core product of our company. The sucker rod has various types according to the different standard.

  • According to the structure, it can be divided into solid sucker rod and hollow sucker rod.
  • According to the grade, it has the classification of grade C, D, K, KD, H, and HL.
  • According to the length: it has the pony sucker rod, which is shorter than the common sucker rod.
  • According to the thread, the sucker rod has inner thread and outer thread types.
  • There is another type of sucker rod is polished rod, which connecting the pumping unit and rod string in the oil well.

The sucker rod has two different connection type: direct connection and sucker rod couplings connection.

  • The direct connection is used for the inner thread sucker rod and outer thread sucker rod.
  • The sucker rod couplings are used to connect the outer thread sucker rod, including the solid sucker rod, hollow sucker rod, pony sucker rod and polished sucker rod.

Main application of sucker rod

Sucker rod is mainly used in the equipment of oil exploitation. There are three main devices applied in the oil exploitation of high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content.

  • Hollow sucker rod electric heating device.

    The hollow sucker rod electric heating device is one of the most important application of hollow sucker rod. Put the heating cable into the hollow sucker rod, when the power is connected, it will generate inner skin effect, the electric energy will be transformed to the thermal energy to heat the crude oil. This device can reduce the viscosity and wax content of the crude oil and guarantee the normal production.

    There is a special device of the electric heating device. It adopt the drive rod for screw pump to instead of the common hollow sucker rod. The drive rod for screw pump has higher tensile strength and fracture resistance than the common hollow sucker rod. So, the screw pump electric heating device is ideal for the extremely strict environments for high efficiency exploitation.

  • The hollow sucker rod hot carrier heating device.

    Hollow sucker rod hot carrier heating is mainly used for heating the crude oil which is high viscosity, high pour point and high wax content. Inject the hot carrier into the hollow sucker rod to heat the crude oil. The hot carrier will not enter the oil pipe, so it will not pollute the oil and reduce pollution.

  • Circular heating device.

    Circular heating device is the most important application of the double hollow sucker rod. It using the associated biofuels, solar energy and other heat source to heat the circular media to enter the inner channel of the double hollow sucker rod, the circular media will flow into the outer channel of the double hollow sucker rod driven by the high pressure. Pass through the four-way hanging connector and return the ground return pipe to form a closed circular system. The circular media will not contact with the crude oil and has no loss of it. Additional, the associated biofuels and solar energy are all the clean energy, so the device is clean, green and high efficiency device to exploit the high pour point, high viscosity and high wax content crude oil.

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  • Sucker rod with high quality carbon steel or alloy steel, various grade and spec is widely used in the oil exploitation to deliver power.

  • Hollow sucker rod with specially designed hollow structure is widely used in the petroleum industries for oil extraction.

  • Double hollow sucker rod with a special independent hollow channel in hollow sucker rod is widely used in oil exploitation for heat carrier conduction.

  • Polished rod with regular, end upsetting and anti-corrosion types are widely used in the oil well for oil exploitation.

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